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Continental Bride Traditions

Continental marriage traditions is a wonderful way to celebrate the unique nations of Europe and their customs surrounding love and marriage. Many of these conventions have a particular significance and symbolism attached to them, whether it is for fortune, happiness or to preserve the terrible spirits at bay. Some of these customs does look odd or dumb to us immediately but they are deeply rooted in traditions and have been passed down over the years for centuries.

For illustration, in France after the official rites and the celebration, it is classic to accumulate outside the honeymooners’ windows to knock pots and pans with them – this is known as “la charivari”. This is to desire them excellent luck and free them from any monetary fears they may possess. It is also done to advise them of the joy and excitement that their ceremony evening brought them, as well as to send them more fine riches in their future along.

Another European wedding tradition is the” Krevati”. This involves friends and family members placing money on the couple’s mattress for ovulation, healthiness and prosperity. They often leave a small more than that and if they are very wealthy, they may even present them with a apartment or a mansion!

Candied pistachios are likewise a Western ceremony tradition. They are given to all guests who attend a marriage and signify fate, healthiness, believe and achievement. They are usually pinned to the newlyweds garments by their attendees, much like the bridal jewelry.

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