Our Story

Boom Studios is the one-stop shop for sound recording and production. For 8 years, Boom Studios has been the home for voice-over, dubbing, music production and many more services that are offered going up to video production as well. With the best crew and equipment, we are here to help you create the track that fits your need. We are not just the sound you want, we are the sound you need.

Our team of professionals at Boom Studios have extensive experience in all aspects of audio production including voice over, sound effects, music scoring and video editing. We strive to deliver top quality products on time so that you’re able to take full advantage of your investment in our services.

Whether you need a single line or an entire soundtrack – if it needs to be recorded then we can do it!


He is a person that believes that the art of audio design can have an impact on almost every facet of modern life. As humans, we have evolved over the years, using music to fill spaces that even language cannot, while we use our ability to process sound to survive, thrive and communicate intelligently.

He has over 10 years of experience within the music industry, and has had worked with some truly amazing individuals in the industry. His journey began with studying music, specifically the piano, where he completed 5 grades of the Royal Trinity College of Music, UK. He then went on to study Audio Production at SAE in Dubai, before interning with his mentor Arun Crastos at his production house. He has also worked at Octavius studios, Cubix, Sound Den and Sound Bar, honing his skills, sharpening them with each experience.

He opened Boom Studios commercially in 2014, with dreams of being able to work with the biggest names in the Indian music scene. As the years progressed and Boom Studios evolved further, he has grown increasingly passionate about being able to create a space for ALL AUDIO ARTISTS. His vision for Boom Studios is to be a space for anyone to bring their dreams to life. Step by step, our team has worked towards making this a reality for all of our customers.


Krupesh Yadav
Mix engineer
Shridhar Nagraj
Music Producer & Director


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