Why and how to run an introducing broker program

Free client relationship management tools to help you efficiently manage clients. Please note that an individual can be an introducing broker as well. Fxcess offers you competitive pricing and fast market execution. When an account is opened under an IB arrangement, it dictates that the clearing and execution revenues collected by the FCM will be shared with the IB.

introducing broker features

Fund your account in multiple currencies and trade assets denominated in multiple currencies. Charge clients for services rendered based on a fee-per-trade unit for each asset class, exchange and currency. The trade unit is determined by the unit IBKR uses for its commissions charges and can be on a per share, per contract, or percent of trade value basis. A Professional IB has the advantage of applying spread and commission mark-ups to earn additional revenue from their clients’ trading activity. Furthermore, a custom IB solution with multiple IB tier levels is available to better manage rebates or earnings. For our most established IBs, a customised White Label affiliate package is also available.

Pass on the Savings to Your Customer

With Skale IB Portal, create new and manage your Introducing Broker users. Get access to your own IB database and start growing the portfolio. Eliminate the hassle of hours developing, testing, integrating new technology. Either you have more that one business or want to become a technology provider, almost doing nothing…because everything is ready in skale portal.

Boustead Securities Opens Registration for U.S. Investors to Trade Stocks on Upstream’s Next Generation Trading App – Yahoo Finance

Boustead Securities Opens Registration for U.S. Investors to Trade Stocks on Upstream’s Next Generation Trading App.

Posted: Thu, 18 May 2023 07:00:00 GMT [source]

Before trading, please read the Risk Warning and Disclosure Statement. Why not get the Forex broker white label partnership or why not start a broker? The commission and the markup that IBs get paid by brokers can’t cover the initial funds to start as a broker. We can help you first connect with our liquidity provider partners, but not limited to them. ANY liquidity provider can be connected via our FIX API trading platform. Geiger views the role of introducing broker as enabling clients to plug into multiple FCMs.

Overnight Trading Hours

Use your unique IB link to register clients and start earning commissions. Your earnings can grow exponentially, when new IBs register under you and more new IBs register under them. Our multi-level system allows you to get commission for up to 5 levels of sub-partners.

  • Introducing brokers want to be paid fairly for referring new customers to your brokerage.
  • Reaching people online who are likely to convert isn’t as simple as creating a few Facebook or LinkedIn ads.
  • They are very attentive to communication, their CEO periodically comes to the UK.
  • Client accounts with GIBs are backed by the capitalization of the IIB, not the FCM.

Each FCM will have an IB Agreement in place with the IB that dictates the details of the revenue share and other terms of the IB relationship. Becoming an easyMarkets partner gives you multiple options to best fit and optimize your activities, channels and pool of referrals. We will help you onboard the right engineers with solid experience in SaaS development and a deep understanding of SaaS business, better planning, priorities, and realistic estimations. Ardas always makes sure that we use the best technical solution possible. Once, they very timely offered to switch to microservice architecture. To pitch this idea, they prepared a presentation, justified everything correctly, made a plan and an assessment.


Affiliates empower traders with information, while IBs are able to build long-term relationships with clients they’ve attracted. From the viewpoint of benefits for primary brokers, introducing companies are definitely the best solution. Those partners provide consultation and all the required services, while a primary broker enters the room for the only task – to help a trade be executed.

introducing broker features

Understand risk vs. returns with real-time market risk management and monitoring that provides a comprehensive measure of risk exposure across multiple asset classes around the world. Client markups by introducing brokers are limited to 15 times IBKR’s highest tiered rate plus external fees. Sign the introducing broker agreement with a liquidity provider. Benefit from an award-winning trading platform with lightning-fast trade execution and world-class security and liquidity features.

MFA Statement on LME Independent Review

CIFOI Limited with registered office at 28 Irish Town, GX11 1AA, Gibraltar. Notesco Limited is registered in Bermuda with registration number and registered address of Clovelly, 36 Victoria Street, Hamilton HM 12, Bermuda. Becoming a member of our Introducing Brokers program comes along with endless benefits. We want you to have the toolset you need in order to succeed in your mission. The technical storage or access that is used exclusively for anonymous statistical purposes. The blockchain-based platform is the first to connect metals and cash settlement networks.

introducing broker features

The technical storage or access is required to create user profiles to send advertising, or to track the user on a website or across several websites for similar marketing purposes. IBs are focused on face to face interactions with their clients, hosting seminars, organizing presentations and visiting industry events. The IB program features a very competitive compensation plan, because of the high level of payouts and low threshold for withdrawing. An IB in general has personal contact with the clients they refer.

How to Be an IB

Do you have access to a network of existing or potential traders? Become an introducing broker, an independent agent that will be referring new clients to us, convert your influence into an on-going income and earn up to $10 per traded lot. Lastly, an IB Broker needs to establish its identity in the financial world.

introducing broker features

White Label solutions offered by B2Broker are the ideal option to boost your positioning in the financial markets. MetaTrader trading platforms customized to corporate needs and demands. The referral system may become exceptionally hard for managing, and mistakenly paid rewards frequently spoil all the structure.

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